When you live in Jacksonville, North Carolina, that “spring feeling” can begin as early as February and last well into May. That gives the region’s many trees, weeds, and flowers plenty of time to release sneeze-inducing pollen into the air. When airborne allergens drive you indoors, your home should be a source of health and comfort. Unfortunately, the indoor air in many homes is more polluted than the outdoor air. The following tips can improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and help everyone in your family breathe healthier air.

It’s Not Just the Pollen

From dust mites and animal dander to gases emitted from cleaning products, your home plays host to pollutants year round. Opening windows to let in fresh air helps, but that may not be an option when the pollen count is high. Allergic reactions to pollen and fungi cause similar symptoms, including nasal congestion, itchy eyes and fatigue.

Spring Cleaning Strategies

Good housekeeping goes a long way toward improving IAQ. Warmer temperatures make spring a great time to give your home a thorough scrub-down. In addition to regular dusting and vacuuming, make sure that the filter in your air conditioner is clean too. This affordable product is your first defense against outdoor allergens. A clean air filter not only helps to trap contaminants but also increases the efficiency of the entire system. In fact, replacing dirty air filters with clean ones can lower cooling costs by up to 15 percent.

HVAC Solutions

Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive air conditioning maintenance service. We will thoroughly clean your system to remove contaminants. Your filter is a very important part of the process, and we will check and replace it if necessary.

Our long experience serving southeast North Carolina gives us the know-how to recommend the optimal solution for you. To explore your options, check out our HVAC services or give us a call at (910) 447-2905.

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