What’s That Sound Coming From My Heat Pump in Burgaw, NC?

Efficient heat pumps in Burgaw, NC, run quietly while regulating indoor temperatures. Therefore, loud noises are signs of trouble. Let’s cover some heat pump noises and what they mean.


The moving parts of your system require sufficient lubrication to work smoothly. When the lubrication on these components reduces, you may hear grinding sounds.

Poorly lubricated components wear out quickly due to the increased friction. To eliminate this friction, schedule maintenance services to have the components lubricated and cleaned.


With time, some components in your heat pump may loosen and fall out of place. These components collide with other parts, causing a banging sound. A banging noise may also occur when foreign items fall into your system and collide with the fan blades.

If left unaddressed, the foreign items and loose components can cause extensive damage, resulting in expensive heat pump repairs. Turn off your system and schedule repairs immediately.


The screws on your heat pump’s cover panels may loosen with time. Consequently, the cover panels become loose and vibrate as the system runs.

A service technician can tighten these screws to eliminate this problem. They can also place rubber pads beneath the outdoor unit to prevent excessive vibration.


A whistling sound may be a sign of airflow problems. When your air filter is too dirty, air struggles to pass through it.

You’ll hear whistling as the system draws air through the tiny openings on the filter. These noises may also occur when air escapes through perforations in your ducts.

Refrigerant leaks can also cause a whistling noise. The noise occurs when the pressurized fluid escapes through the perforations along the refrigerant lines. Replace your air filter often and schedule heat pump repairs to address the issue.

Allow a service technician to inspect your system to pinpoint the cause of the noises you hear accurately. Call our heating experts at Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning for maintenance and repair services. Our service technicians have extensive experience in resolving various heat pump problems.

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