6 Common Geothermal System Myths in Wallace, NC

A geothermal system may be your best HVAC option for you if you want a more ecologically friendly and efficient method to heat and cool your Wallace, NC, house. That’s because geothermal heat pumps require little maintenance, have minimal operating expenses and are better for the environment. If you think this doesn’t seem right, you may have succumbed to the many misconceptions regarding geothermal HVAC systems. Many people don’t comprehend how geothermal heat pumps operate because they aren’t as familiar as other HVAC systems. Read on to learn the truth about six common geothermal system myths.

Geothermal Systems Require A Lot of Room

If you’ve ever looked at an illustration of a geothermal heat pump in action, you might have the impression that the system’s coils and other components take up a sizable portion of your yard. In reality, installers can set up your geothermal heat pump in either a vertical or horizontal loop. Even if you have a limited amount of room, you might still be able to take advantage of renewable energy.

You Can Only Use Geothermal Energy When Constructing a New Home

One of the most pervasive myths surrounding geothermal energy is that you cannot install a geothermal system in an older house. Nobody wishes to spend thousands retrofitting their house just to put in a new HVAC system, but this notion is a myth. Geothermal heat systems frequently integrate with your pre-existing ductwork, making installation reasonably simple and affordable.

Geothermal Systems Are Ineffective in Cold Climates

Some people believe geothermal units don’t function in frigid climates, whereas others believe they don’t work in hot regions. This disparity in thinking demonstrates how many individuals are unaware of how geothermal heat pumps truly function.

Because these systems pull energy from underground heat sources (a place that keeps a constant temperature), you are cooling and heating your house with ground temperatures instead of air temperatures. When it is chilly outside, your system draws heat from the earth. When it’s hot outside, your system extracts warm air from your Wallace, NC home and releases it into the cooler underground environment.

Installing a Geothermal System Is Expensive

Geothermal energy is widely perceived as a luxury item available only to the very wealthy. During the early phases of this house-comfort technology, the wealthy were frequently the ones who adopted geothermal energy. Nevertheless, geothermal energy is now more affordable and accessible than you could ever think, thanks to decades of study and development.

You’ll save a lot of money by eliminating the use of heating oil, natural fuels and other high-priced fuels. Furthermore, simply moving to geothermal energy can result in significant refunds and rebates from federal and state government organizations.

Geothermal Systems Cannot Properly Control Indoor Temperature

Now that you’re aware that geothermal heating systems can operate in most climates, you may still have some doubts about their ability to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Avoid falling for yet another geothermal energy misconception. Geothermal systems are just as capable of controlling the temperature in your house as their HVAC counterparts, if not more.

Geothermal Systems Are Very Complex

Some people think geothermal energy is still a novel technology and that there needs to be more proof demonstrating the total benefits when compared to conventional heating and cooling solutions. Geothermal processes, like computers and mobile services and other types of technology, have improved over time.

Components last longer, prices are more comparable, systems are quieter and maintenance is minimal with a geothermal system. From a consumer perspective, there’s little to no upkeep required for a geothermal system; your HVAC provider can handle everything for you.

When you disprove these geothermal misconceptions, it’s simple to see the advantages of a geothermal heat pump. We’re happy to discuss the issues with you in person or over the phone. Contact Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning for more information on energy-efficient heating and cooling in Wallace, NC.

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