7 Common Summertime Heat Pump Problems in Jacksonville, NC

Summer makes heavy demands on your heat pump due to the extreme temperatures in this season. For this reason, your system in Jacksonville, NC, may develop issues as it works harder to cool your indoor air. Let’s review some common heat pump problems that can occur during the summer.

Running Constantly

A single-stage heat pump should shut down after reaching the temperatures you set on the thermostat. If the system has an underlying problem, it runs without taking breaks, thus consuming excessive energy and breaking down more often. Some issues that can make your heat pump run constantly include a clogged air filter, refrigerant leaks, ductwork leaks and a dirty outdoor unit.

However, a variable-speed heat pump runs continuously even if it doesn’t have issues. These systems operate this way to keep your home comfortable at all times. Instead of trying to figure out why your heat pump runs without taking breaks, ask a professional to inspect it to find and address the underlying problems.

Short Cycling

A short-cycling heat pump turns on, works for a short time and shuts down before completing a full cycle. Short cycling occurs when the refrigerant leaks, your air filter is too dirty, the system is too large for your home or the thermostat is faulty.

Your heat pump will consume excess energy when it turns on multiple times. It will also potentially break down more often, as its parts undergo increased strain. Therefore, schedule repair services as soon as you notice the problem.

Strange Smells

That weird smell that has been bothering your household could be coming from your heat pump. A malfunctioning heat pump may produce musty, burning or chemical odors.

When your system’s drain lines are too dirty, they can’t efficiently dispose of the excessive moisture absorbed from your indoor air. The stagnant water allows biological contaminants to grow on the drain pan. These pollutants produce spores that cause a musty smell in your house.

A burning smell can occur when your heat pump’s parts overheat or when rubber components, such as belts and wires, come in contact with the warmer parts of the system. When the system’s refrigerant leaks, you may smell a chemical that’s hazardous to inhale.

Odd Sounds Signal Heat Pump Problems

Your heat pump may produce weird sounds when it’s faulty. These noises include banging, whistling, rattling, buzzing and gurgling.

Rattling and banging are signs of loose components. When you hear whistling and gurgling noises, your heat pump’s refrigerant may be leaking. A whistling sound may also occur when your duct has tiny holes or when your air filter is too dirty. When your heat pump’s electrical components are faulty, you may hear a buzzing sound.

Frozen Coils

The evaporator coil may become frozen due to problems such as refrigerant leaks and poor airflow. A heat pump with low refrigerant levels struggles to absorb enough heat; hence, the evaporator coil remains too cold.

Uneven Temperature Distribution

Some areas in your home may be warm while others are comfortably cool, yet the heat pump is running. This situation occurs if you have an incorrectly sized heat pump, the air filter is dirty, the refrigerant leaks or the outdoor unit is dirty.

Failure to Turn On

Your HVAC system should start a cooling cycle in summer as soon as you input your desired temperature on the thermostat. If the wires connecting the system with the thermostat are damaged, your system may fail to turn on. Your heat pump can also fail to start if the starter capacitor is faulty.

Whenever your system develops a problem, you need to address it to keep it from getting worse. Our team strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction and aims to respond within 24 hours. Call our professionals at Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your air conditioning repair service in Jacksonville, NC, today.

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