HVAC Zoning Showdown: Smart Vents vs. Ductless Zoning

The residents of Surf City, North Carolina, know the significance of energy-efficient heating and cooling. Modern-day HVAC systems and smart home products are on every homeowner’s mind these days. That includes ductless zoning and smart vent systems. Read on to learn everything about ductless HVAC systems and smart vents to help you decide which is right for your home.

Ductless Zoning

HVAC manufacturers have developed their systems to offer varied configurations for the individual needs of every homeowner. You can install ductless mini-splits in certain zones of your home, mounting them to either the wall or ceiling to maximize space.

Using a ductless system provides a major advantage over other types of heating and cooling systems. You won’t experience the issues that can come with relying on ductwork, such as energy loss through gaps and leaks. You also won’t suffer from poor indoor air quality that can occur when the ducts become dirty.

Benefits of Ductless HVAC

A ductless mini-split system can supplement a central air conditioning system, or the units can be the main source of heated and cooled air in your home. When you add it as a supplement to a central AC and furnace, it’ll reduce wear and tear on these main components.

You also have more control over the specific areas or zones of the home. Instead of having to run the AC to cool the entire house, you can focus on the room you’re in to reduce energy waste. Ductless HVAC systems are extremely efficient, helping to reduce your energy bills without sacrificing home comfort.

Mini-split systems typically don’t require much maintenance. By contrast, you need to tune a central heating and cooling system up at least twice a year. Most HVAC manufacturers also recommend having the ducts cleaned every year or two. It’s an additional maintenance task and expense associated with a duct-based HVAC system. When you don’t have ducts, you can cross this off your to-do list.

Smart Vents

In today’s world, just about every device and system in the home is becoming smarter. The HVAC components that provide heated and cooled air are no exception. One of the latest additions to the smart HVAC revolution is the introduction of smart vents. Smart vents promote a more effective way to create zones in a home, offering more control over the heating and cooling of each designated area.

Not-So-Smart Vents

In the past, homeowners have tried to create their own zones by closing vents in rooms that they don’t use as much. However, when the central HVAC system was designed, the service technicians looked at the flow of the space and planned each vent and register accordingly.

By closing or altering the airflow, the heating and cooling system can’t operate as efficiently. As a result, you’ll face higher energy bills and a less comfortable atmosphere. You could even end up with a frozen air conditioning unit or overheated furnace because the air can’t exit into the rooms of the house.

How Smart Vents Work

Smart vents are popular because they’re easy to install and use. They work with a smart thermostat and are accessible from an app on your mobile device or through a remote control. You can place them in your vents without having to make drastic changes to your existing HVAC system. Smart vents can open and close on their own, based on the zones you have set up in the house.

These advanced vents start by detecting the amount of airflow that is needed to maintain the ideal temperature in a specific room or area of your home. From there, they can adjust the amount of air flowing through to match that need. Each vent interacts with the others in the house to direct airflow. You can choose to have smart vents installed in just a few of the rooms in your home, or you can replace all your existing vents, although this can get more expensive.

If you need help deciding what kind of zoned HVAC system will work for you, call our experts at Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning at (910) 447-2905. We have been providing results for over 50 years, and we’re here to help.

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