Looking for a New AC System? Understanding SEER Is Critical in Wilmington, NC!

You can compare the efficiency of several models of air conditioners in Wilmington, NC, by looking at their SEER ratings. However, not every buyer is aware of this rating’s importance. Let’s find out what a SEER rating is and why it matters for your AC system.

What’s a SEER Rating?

You can calculate the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of an air conditioner by dividing the unit’s entire cooling output throughout a season by its overall energy consumption. Since air conditioners don’t always work at peak efficiency, the SEER rating is just a way to measure how efficient the unit is on average.

The SEER of air conditioners that consume less energy while delivering adequate cooling will be greater. The SEER rating typically increases the unit’s energy efficiency and cost savings.

Comparing various units is particularly simple when utilizing the traditional SEER rating technique. SEER ratings simply disclose a unit’s efficiency. They don’t assess longevity or any other characteristics.

Many older air conditioners in the United States may have a SEER rating of 10 or below. Current high-efficiency residential equipment may have SEER ratings in the 20s. You can save money on energy costs by buying a unit with a higher SEER, which is often cheaper to run.

You don’t need to go for the highest possible SEER, though. It’s best to seek advice from an HVAC professional about the best SEER for your needs.

You can estimate annual cooling expenditures using SEER ratings. Subtract the figure from the SEER rating of your unit, and your operating expenses will become clear.

Which SEER Rating is Ideal?

During the summer, when temperatures often soar over 90 degrees, you’ll probably use your air conditioner all or most of the time. Since Wilmington is one of the warmest parts of North Carolina, you may wish to consider a sustainable AC system or heat pump to reduce your expenditure.

A lower SEER rating may be the most cost-effective option for those who live in a moderate climate where cooling isn’t required for most of the year. We can assist you in determining the right SEER rating and help you with any other air conditioning services in Wilmington, NC.

The Advantages of SEER Rating

We often associate higher SEER ratings with higher initial expenses. However, they do offer several advantages that may help offset the greater initial cost.

If you live in a hot climate and your AC system needs to operate for long periods, it may provide superior long-term savings and a higher degree of comfort. Keep the following advantages of SEER ratings in mind when shopping for an AC system.

Better Temperature and Humidity Regulation

Because of the modulating technology used by an AC system with a high SEER rating, homeowners have greater control over the temperature of their whole house. Contemporary AC systems usually use variable-speed compressors. Hence, they often do a better job of reducing interior humidity.

Increased Energy Efficiency

A cooling system with a higher SEER rating is generally more efficient than one with a lower SEER rating. Since your system will use less energy thanks to this efficiency, your monthly energy costs will decrease.

Improved Interior Comfort

Improved cooling is another advantage of air conditioning equipment with a higher SEER rating. Units with lower ratings may only operate at one speed or stage, causing them to chill your house unevenly. A central air conditioner with a higher SEER rating will consistently cool every room in your house.

While higher-SEER air conditioners offer various advantages, those in the 14 to 16 SEER range still perform well. SEER only looks at a unit’s best performance, so an air conditioner with a high SEER rating may still work better in the middle range in some situations.

Our team of experts can assess your home’s HVAC system and work with you to choose an air conditioner with the best SEER for you. Following our assessment, we will offer you a unit that’s as efficient and cost-effective as possible. If you need air conditioner maintenance and repair services for your home or business, contact Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning.

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