Refrigerant Restrictions Are Tightening – Is Your System Ready?

Regulations surrounding the use of specific refrigerants have become increasingly stringent. New federal regulations are in effect to transition to low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants in HVAC products by 2025. Trane is dedicated to using more environmentally friendly refrigerants in their heating and cooling products with a much lower impact on the environment. Trane’s goal is to help reduce carbon emissions while increasing their energy efficiency. This change is part of Trane’s commitment to creating a healthier planet for everyone.

The Accelerating Phase-Out of R-22

One of the most significant refrigerant phase-outs is that of R-22, also known as HCFC-22. This refrigerant was widely used in air conditioning systems manufactured before 2010. However, it has been identified as a potent ozone-depleting substance and contributor to climate change. This makes its elimination a priority for environmental protection.

The phase-out of R-22 has been a gradual process. Production and import quotas have steadily decreased over the past two decades. However, on January 1, 2020, the production and import of R-22 was completely banned in the United States.

If your AC system was manufactured before 2010, it likely uses R-22 refrigerant. As supplies become scarcer, recharging these older systems will get expensive and impractical. In some cases, the cost of recharging an R-22 system can exceed the value of the unit itself. This makes it an unsustainable solution in the long run.

The Time to Upgrade is Now

With the phase-out of R-22 in full swing, now is the ideal time to plan for an upgrade of your system. A new, eco-friendly AC system should use one of the approved refrigerant alternatives. These modern systems comply with environmental regulations but also offer substantial energy savings.

Stay ahead of the curve and upgrade before your current system fails. That way, you can avoid the hassle and expense of an emergency replacement. A planned upgrade also allows you to research and select the best system for your needs. This will ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and comfort for years to come. Plus, many utility companies and government programs offer rebates and incentives. You can receive these if you upgrade to energy-efficient systems. This can further offset the upfront cost.

Protect Your Investment and the Environment

Failing to address an aging R-22 system can have severe consequences. It can have both financial and environmental effects. As the refrigerant becomes scarcer, the cost of repairs and recharges will rise. This will make it increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain the system. Eventually, you may be faced with the need to replace the entire system. This would likely happen at an inopportune time and at a significant cost.

There are benefits to upgrading to a modern, environmentally responsible air conditioning solution. You can protect your investment and also contribute to a healthier planet. The latest systems are designed to minimize their environmental impact. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and protects the ozone layer. The ozone layer is essential for shielding the Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Don’t get caught having to replace your entire system when it finally fails or becomes too costly to maintain. Contact Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning today! Our experts can tell you about the benefits of upgrading to a modern, eco-friendly AC solution. We can guide you through the process and ensure a seamless transition to a new system that meets your needs. We’ll make sure your new system adheres to the latest environmental regulations. Call Gideon today!

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