Ways to Improve a Business’s Indoor Air Quality in Wilmington, NC

The air quality of your commercial property directly affects the health, productivity, comfort and performance of your employees. It can also impact your customers and bottom line. Below are some ways to improve the air quality of your business in Wilmington, NC.

Invest in Air Cleaners and Purifiers

Commercial air filtration units circulate air in the building while the filters inside them trap dirt and clean the air. They eliminate biological pollutants, pollen, dust and small particles that float in the indoor environment, thus preventing the occupants from inhaling them.

Air purifiers can absorb harmful chemicals like nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter that’s harmful when it penetrates the lungs and bloodstream. Additionally, dehumidifiers help reduce humidity levels and greatly improve the air quality in your business premises.

Be Keen on Proper Ventilation

Opening windows allows fresh air in and lets out carbon dioxide buildup from inside the building. Proper ventilation in your workplace is essential to maintaining good air quality. Therefore, you should invest in an energy recovery ventilator. Also, ensure your supply vents are clean, dust-free and free of blockage so that there’s excellent airflow.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance enables you to replace your air filters, ensure there are no gas leakages and implement proper airflow in the building. Clogged filters can allow dust and debris to penetrate your spaces. Changing them every 30-90 days ensures only clean air flows inside your building.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Upgrading your thermostat allows you to have advanced settings through smart control technology to regulate humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. It’s especially beneficial to a building that has complete sealing. Smart thermostats allow you to easily control indoor air quality using sensor technology.

Maintain Cleanliness in the Workplace

Water and other unattended liquid spills can lead to the growth of biological contaminants that thrive in humid environments. Dust and other debris also find their way into the workplace and settle around desks, rugs, curtains and shelves. Regular cleaning of the workspace gets rid of the settled dust and other contaminants.

Using a vacuum and eco-friendly cleaning products to clean rugs, carpets, curtains and floors can help improve your business’s air quality. Ensure the upholstery and top shelves undergo dusting regularly to keep the environment clean.

Eliminate the Use of Aerosols

Cleaning products and deodorants contain aerosols that pollute the air inside your business’s premises. Besides, carpets and rugs tend to absorb these substances and release them into the air over time. Eliminate the use of products with aerosol properties and instead opt for a zero-emission policy with natural cleaning products.

Dispose Garbage Frequently

Snack wrappers and leftover food in garbage bins emit odors. These bad smells contaminate your indoor air quality. Ensure garbage disposal happens regularly and the timely emptying and cleaning of food storage facilities like the refrigerators.

Conduct Regular Air Quality Tests

Finally, regular air tests can help you understand where you need to tweak to improve indoor air quality. These tests include humidity levels, airflow, biological contaminant growth, odors, water damage, ventilation and gas leaks. An increase in allergic reactions among office staff should be a sign that you need to conduct an air quality test soon.

Improved indoor air quality is beneficial to the health and productivity of your workers. It’s also beneficial to the comfort of your customers and the impression they get when they visit your business. If you need professional air conditioning, heating or duct cleaning services, contact us at Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll be happy to assist you with all your HVAC needs.

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