3 Benefits to Installing a Geothermal Unit in Your Hampstead, North Carolina, Home

If you want to go green and save large on summer cooling costs, a geothermal system from a Hampstead Trane Comfort Specialist (TCS) may be your air conditioning dream come true. Geothermal air conditioning cools your home using the 55-degree temperature of the earth just below ground level. The system absorbs heat from your home, and via an underground network of water-filled pipes, deposits that heat into the cool earth outside. The water is then cooled by the earth and transported back to your home where it is used by the indoor unit to generate cool, dehumidified air. Geothermal heat pumps come with three attractive benefits:

1. Savings on Energy Usage and Installation Costs

Geothermal AC is the most cost-effective indoor cooling option on the market. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that geothermal technology can save from 20 to 50 percent on summer cooling costs. A geothermal installation can qualify you for financial rebates and energy-efficient incentives, and if you purchase a geothermal heat pump with low-interest financing, you’ll save enough on utility bills to cover monthly repayments with cash to spare. A geothermal installation typically pays for itself in three to five years.

2. Cutting-Edge Green Cooling Technology

Geothermal air conditioners are kind to the planet. The cooler, below-ground temperatures of the earth are an unlimited energy resource, and the technology is 100 percent safe. Geothermal heat pumps won’t pollute the environment, use up precious resources or cause harm to humans, animals or plants.

3. Free Water Heating

If you connect a desuperheater to your hot water tank, a geothermal system can provide you with free hot water. In fact, using the system to heat water makes it even more efficient because the small amount of heat generated by the indoor unit that would otherwise be removed from your home is instead put to good use keeping your water hot. Your water bills might even be lower because a geothermal unit will keep the water hot enough to prevent the boiler from kicking in to maintain the temperature in the tank.

Ground-source systems need minimal maintenance. The indoor unit lasts for up to 25 years, and the outdoor component lasts for up to 50 years. To learn more about the wonders of geothermal HVAC, visit Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning, a Trane Comfort Specialist (TCS) serving homeowners in Hampstead, North Carolina, and beyond. You can also call us directly at (910) 447-2905 with any questions.

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