5 Causes of Low Airflow From Your HVAC System’s Ducts

Many times homeowners in Surf City, NC, mistakenly think that it’s time to buy a new air conditioner because their home doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. Before you spend the money to buy a new HVAC system, examine your home for other common problems. Read on to learn the common causes of low airflow from your HVAC system’s ducts.

Most Common Airflow Problems

When experiencing little or no airflow, usually one of these five common problems is the culprit:

  • Blocked or closed vent.
  • Dirty or blocked ducts.
  • Leaky ducts.
  • Restrictive or dirty air filter.
  • Closed damper valve.

Remedying Low Airflow on Your Own

Homeowners can remedy some airflow problems on their own. If the flow is bad in one or two rooms, make sure that the vents are open. If they are, move furniture away from the vents for better air circulation. Dirty air filters are another common problem. Change air filters regularly because as they fill with particles, less air will be able to circulate. Overly restrictive air filters designed to trap more articles also can restrict airflow. Open closed damper valves to restore the flow of air to more rooms.

Have a Professional Fix the Problem

If you can’t find your dampers, enlist the help of a professional to locate and open them. Similarly, if your ducts are dirty or blocked, having a service technician clean your home’s duct system will also restore flow. Finally, more than 90 percent of homes have leaks in ducts, which also necessitates repair by an HVAC contractor.

Diagnosing airflow problems can be tricky. For more information on what’s causing your airflow problems, contact the experienced HVAC professionals at Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning for an appointment. We’re happy to help you maximize comfort and minimize how much you spend to cool your home through the spring and summer seasons.

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