Consider This Before Installing Ductless HVAC Zoning in Jacksonville, NC

Ductless mini-splits are among the most energy-efficient systems for cooling and warming your home. Purchasing a ductless HVAC system is an investment in your comfort. Therefore, you’ll want to thoroughly assess your options. Here are top factors to consider before installing ductless HVAC zoning in your Jacksonville, NC, house.

Number of Zones

Among the most significant benefits of ductless HVAC systems is the option for zoned temperature regulation. Essentially, ductless units come in different types depending on the number of zones. Ductless HVAC comes in single- and multi-zone setups.

Single-zone ductless systems consist of one outdoor condenser and a single indoor air handler. You can only use these systems for one room. Single-zone HVAC units are useful when you’re adding extra space to your home and need to heat and cool a room addition or garage.

In multi-zone ductless systems, one outdoor condenser connects to several indoor air handlers. Most multi-zone systems come with up to eight indoor air distributors. These systems are highly effective for ensuring personalized comfort throughout your home.

Energy Efficiency

HVAC energy efficiency is another crucial consideration. Trane ductless HVAC systems are Energy Star rated.

These systems promote minimal energy consumption, saving you on monthly energy utilities. Make sure to check the SEER and HSPF ratings of the units you consider buying. A ductless mini-split with an HSPF above 8.2 will ensure ultimate efficiency during the winter.


Your budget is a critical factor when buying a ductless HVAC unit. Your system should be within your budget range.

The total budget includes the initial buying price and the installation costs. HVAC experts can advise you on the best Trane ductless systems that suit your budget.


Finally, the size of your ductless mini-split unit depends on the size of your home. Bigger spaces require larger and more powerful ductless systems. Consider working with an HVAC expert to determine the best size and power rating for your ductless HVAC system.

Contact Gideon Heating and Air Conditioning for excellent AC and heating system installation services. We provide a wide variety of Trane ductless mini-split systems to ensure maximum comfort all year.

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