Freshen Up Your Air Quality to Breathe Easier This Summer

Your indoor air quality is felt more than seen. But addressing this part of your home can increase your comfort in noticeable ways. Make sure you’re prepared for the pollen, dust and dander that will float into your home this summer. Freshen up the air now and equip your system to provide a clean breeze in your Surf City, North Carolina, home.

Invest in Duct Cleaning

Throughout the year, your ducts are responsible for pulling air from your HVAC system and distributing it throughout your home. In the process, they can easily accumulate a coating of dust, dander, pollen and grime. If you purchased your home from another family who lived there previously, some of the buildup isn’t even yours. A duct cleaning will help you get rid of any irritants that are hiding in your house. As a result, you’ll enjoy fresher and cleaner air.

Schedule Spring Maintenance

Annual maintenance is an important part of maintaining clean air in your home. You should ideally schedule this tune-up in early spring before you begin using your air conditioner for the year. But it’s never too late to schedule AC maintenance. Part of our standard maintenance services includes cleaning your HVAC system to get rid of any major accumulation of dust and dirt.

Keep your air conditioner in top shape by booking this visit once every year. As a result, you’ll enjoy both cleaner air and better HVAC efficiency, which will lower your cooling costs.

Change Your Air Filter

The air filter in your HVAC system requires regular care to stay in top condition. You need to change the filter once every three months at a minimum. If you have pets or children in your home, increase this to once every month or two. More frequent filter changes are also wise if you have allergy or asthma sufferers in the house. Give your home a fresh filter for spring and stock up for your next few changes so you can breathe comfortably this summer

Do you want to schedule your maintenance visit to benefit from fresher indoor air quality? Call Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning at (910) 447-2905.

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