Improve Your Efficiency and Comfort With HVAC Zoning

Are you looking for ways to improve comfort and efficiency in your Surf City, North Carolina, home? HVAC zoning may be the solution. Zoned heating and cooling systems provide improved convenience and targeted comfort to specific rooms in the house.

Increased Efficiency

Spending a fortune on heating and cooling bills is never fun. But the efficiency of your HVAC system could be to blame if your costs are always on the rise. One of the key benefits of HVAC zoning is improved efficiency.

A traditional HVAC system circulates air throughout the entire space, pulling in dirt and other contaminants from every room. As a result, the system can get overloaded with particles. This can lead to worsened efficiency that costs you more in energy bills each month.

A zoned HVAC system uses ductless mini-split units in specific areas of the house. It only offers targeted heating and cooling to each individual zone. With less circulation comes less energy usage, keeping your costs under control.

Enhanced Personal Comfort

HVAC zoning is also ideal in homes that are constantly suffering through thermostat wars. If one person prefers it a certain temperature while another wants it warmer or cooler, you can start to feel like you’re always adjusting the indoor atmosphere. Instead of continuing the fight, set up zones that allow each individual to set the temperature in their own area of the house. As a result, you’ll prevent thermostat wars.

Improved Control

Having more control over your HVAC system is also an appealing benefit of setting up zones. You can determine which rooms are heated or cooled. As a result, you can reduce energy waste since you won’t needlessly run the HVAC system and lose air to unused spaces.

Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of HVAC zoning in your home? Contact Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning at (910) 447-2905.

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