Keep Dust and Must Out of Your Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations are designed to look a bit decrepit, but this doesn’t mean they should be dirty and ill-maintained. Putting up musty décor with mildew and dust in your Surf City, North Carolina, home is a Halloween hazard. Keep your air clean for a healthy holiday with these tips.

Watch for Musty Smells

Be aware of any musty smells that come out with your Halloween decorations. Though that old house smell might seem well-suited to a hauntingly decorated home, it’s not a good sign. Your Halloween decorations should be musty in appearance alone. If there’s an odor to go along with them, you probably have mold or mildew lurking inside. Clean the decorations if you can, and discard them if not. You shouldn’t allow these allergens in your home.

Ditch the Cobwebs

Faux cobwebs are a common pick for Halloween decorations, but they’re not a great choice for indoor air quality. Even manufactured cobwebs will collect dust and other irritants. These hazards decrease your indoor air quality and may cause asthma and allergies to flare up. Regular filter changes will help keep dust to a minimum during the season. You should try to remove decorations that draw dust, too.

Keep Things Clean

Make sure your Halloween decorations don’t diminish the air quality in your home. If you haven’t already, schedule your fall HVAC maintenance now. This visit will help get rid of dust and dirt in your furnace for easier breathing in the fall.

If you suffer from fall allergies, a whole-home air cleaner can help as well. This will filter a greater number of pathogens from the air to help you breathe comfortably despite some of the unavoidable dust, pollen and germs in the air.

Enjoy a healthy Halloween season that only looks musty and dusty. Breathe easy with smart home cleaning and HVAC maintenance to keep your home properly cared for this season. Give Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning a call for all your home heating and air quality needs at (910) 447-2905.

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