4 Reasons to Avoid Repairing Your Own Surf City, NC, Heat Pump

It’s tempting to try to fix your Surf City, NC, heat pump when it acts up to save on the repair costs. Consider these four reasons you should avoid repairing your heat pump and trust a qualified professional instead:

Lack of Training

Most homeowners don’t have the training needed to know how to properly repair a heat pump. Watching a video online or reading an article simply doesn’t prepare you for the amount of detailed work that comes with repairing your heat pump. Ultimately, you run the risk of injuring yourself or someone in your home or damaging the equipment.

Improper Equipment

Old wisdom says to use the right tool for the job, and that’s especially true with heat pumps. Some of these tools include refrigerant gauges, recovery cylinders, a recovery machine, a vacuum pump and more. Since most homeowners don’t have these tools, they run the risk of damaging their system further.

Factory Warranty

Your heat pump likely came with a factory warranty that covers premature component failures. However, manufacturers understand the risk that DIY repairs pose to their systems, even if it seems like simple heat pump maintenance. As a result, there’s a condition that voids the warranty if anyone other than a qualified professional services the system.

Higher Repair and Utility Bills

Part of knowing how to perform repairs is ensuring the system continues to run efficiently after completing the work. In many cases, well-meaning DIYers will inadvertently reduce the system’s efficiency and cause secondary damage. This leads to increased energy consumption and preventable repair bills.

Keep your heat pump running well for its entire service life by trusting your repairs to qualified professionals. Call to schedule your heat pump repair with one of our trusted service technicians at Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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