3 Ways to Lower Heating Costs This Winter in Jacksonville, NC

Summer and its high power bills are over. But winter is just around the corner in Jacksonville, NC, and your heating bills can be just as high. These days, we’re all looking to save money anywhere we can. Here are three things you can do to keep your heating bills down this winter:

Turn Your Thermostat Down

Just like keeping your house a little warmer can save money during the summer, keeping your house a little cooler can save during the winter. You can see savings even if you only turn the heat down for part of the day, like when you’re out of the house or asleep.

Turning down your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours each day can save you as much as 10% on your heating bill. If it’s hard to remember to turn down the heat, consider a programmable or smart thermostat. Each of those can set your heat automatically.

Seal Air Leaks Around Your Home

The less cold air that gets into your house, the less your furnace will have to work to heat the air inside. Insulation can keep your heat from radiating out of your house, but sealing up drafts around windows and doors can keep cold outside air out.

Both are important, but sealing your windows and doors is likely a cheaper and easier solution than adding more insulation. A professional home energy audit can use infrared cameras and pressurized air to find all of your leaks.

Clean Your Ducts and Filters

A well-functioning duct system is key to saving money. Dirty ducts and filters cause your furnace to work harder than it should, wasting energy and money. Changing your filters and having your ducts professionally cleaned periodically are both important things you can do to maintain your HVAC system.

For more tips on saving money this winter, call Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning to get your furnace running in tip-top shape just in time for winter. Our team can fine-tune your system and help save you money.

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