What’s That Sound Coming From My AC System in Wilmington, NC?

Any strange noise coming from your air conditioner could signal a fault. It might indicate a minor repair issue or that it’s time for a replacement. Here are common AC system noises you may hear in your Wilmington, NC, home and what they mean:

Banging or Rattling

Firstly, it’s probably a condenser issue if you hear a loud banging or rattling noise from your air conditioner. The sound can also originate from loose screws, dirt particles in the condenser or a broken compressor or fan motor. The solution is to hire a qualified service technician to inspect the AC system and fix the issue.


Buzzing air conditioner sounds might indicate an electrical problem or a frozen system. The electrical issue could originate from a loose wire, a relay switch or the condenser fan. You should hire a licensed HVAC company to diagnose the buzzing noise and fix the problem.

Screeching or Squealing

When turning on your AC system, the fan motors are probably faulty or require replacement if you notice metal-on-metal screeching sounds. High pressure in the compressor unit and a worn-out belt are other possible causes of squealing or screeching. Routine AC maintenance can help to detect faulty fan motors or broken belts and fix them to prevent this unusual noise.


Do you feel like a snake is inside your AC system because you keep hearing a hissing sound? Some possible causes of loud hissing noises include leaking refrigerant, a compressor valve leak or high pressure. It’s best to hire the experts to check your AC system and to fix the causes rather than postponing air conditioner repairs.

You should call an expert for diagnosis and repairs if any loud and strange noises sound unfamiliar. Our experienced professionals can inspect your air conditioner, diagnose the culprit and fix the issue. Call Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule affordable air conditioning services.

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