If you live in Jacksonville, NC, you depend on your HVAC system to deliver comfort around the clock. Your HVAC system’s thermostat plays a pivotal part in making sure that happens. Installing a new thermostat can provide better cooling and heating for your home and save you money. Here are three reasons you should upgrade to a programmable or smart model:


Firstly, the incorrect placement of your thermostat can lead to an uncomfortable temperature in the house. For example, the wall that bears your thermostat might be in direct sunlight, heating it up even when the rest of the house is colder. A new device with the right placement will allow your system to reach a more stable and accurate temperature.


Older thermostats, the kind that uses mercury, don’t have the accuracy of the controls that newer models do. You can set a new programmable thermostat to keep the temperature at a specific level and even change the target temperature over time. This can save you money if you reduce the temperature when nobody is home to need heat during the day.


Finally, there are a lot of failure points in an HVAC system, and the thermostat is one of them. If you’re experiencing issues like your HVAC system not turning off or cycling too much, your thermostat may be to blame. A faulty thermostat can cost you a lot of money and make your house uncomfortable, so it’s worth a look in case it’s the reason that your HVAC system is not functioning correctly.

Do you think a new thermostat is worth installing? You should by now. We can provide you with the right service at the right price. Give Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning a call today to schedule an appointment for any HVAC service you need in your Jacksonville, NC, home.

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