Will a Smart Thermostat Really Pay for Itself?

Smart thermostats are fast becoming the norm with modern HVAC systems. But do they live up to the claim that they save money? Here are the advantages of installing a smart thermostat in your Jacksonville, North Carolina, home and why it’s a worthwhile investment:

Extreme Efficiency

If you want to cut your energy bill, a smart thermostat is a wise move. Using a smart thermostat can lower your annual energy bill by 10 percent or more. With energy savings like that, it’ll quickly pay for itself. A smart thermostat lets you pre-set temperatures and connects to Wi-Fi for remote operation via a smartphone. You’ll be able to turn the system off when you’re not home and turn it back on right before you return.

Modern Convenience

Most people change the thermostat temperature at the start of a season and leave it on that setting. Tweaking the temperature a few degrees on milder days will help reduce your energy bill. A smart thermostat can do that for you.

Some have the ability to learn your home’s habits and automatically adjust to your preferred settings. For instance, you can slide into bed at night while the thermostat automatically adjusts to a more energy-efficient temperature. It’ll adjust accordingly again in the morning as you awake.

Enhanced Comfort

If your family always bickers over the temperature setting, a smart thermostat is the solution. Coupled with a zoned system, it lets you set different temperatures in separate zones. The members of your family will be able to set their preferred temperature in their rooms. As a result, your smart thermostat will create a more comfortable and peaceful home environment. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Most people give a lot of thought to choosing an HVAC system. The process of choosing the perfect thermostat deserves just as much attention. Switch to a smart thermostat today by contacting Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning at (910) 447-2905 for a quote.

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