Have you ever wished you could set one part of the house to a different temperature than the rest of it? Zoning is the solution, and you don’t necessarily need to replace your HVAC system to employ it. As long as the ducts in your Surf City, North Carolina, home are laid out well, it’s possible to use a zoned heating and cooling system.

Multiple Thermostats Control Your Home

A traditional HVAC system uses one thermostat that controls the temperature of the whole house. To zone an existing system, we install several thermostats throughout the home. Each thermostat controls a zone that connects to the main thermostat. The thermostats work together to maintain the ideal temperature in each zone of your home.

Your Ducts Get Dampers to Create Zones

So, how does the HVAC system cool or heat just one zone? The ducts connected to each zone have dampers. If the damper is shut, air does not flow through those ducts to that zone. When you change the temperature in one of your zones, the damper to that zone opens and the HVAC system sends air just to that part of the house. Maintaining the temperatures in all the zones works the same way; the dampers open and shut automatically to maintain your desited temperatures.

Why Should You Care?

Have you ever disagreed about the temperature in the house with family members? Do you use one part of the house more often than another? Zoning gives you better control over the temperature in your home. If a family member or roommate wants their bedroom hotter or colder than the rest of the house, zoning can do that. If you rarely use the guest bedroom, make it a zone.

Does zoning sound like an answer to your heating and cooling problems? Call Gideon Heating and Air at (910) 447-2905 to have one of our service technicians visit your home. We’ll examine your current ductwork and HVAC system to figure out if zoning is possible.

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