3 Signs You Need to Change Your Home’s Air Filter

In the hot and humid climate of North Carolina’s coast, it’s not unusual to operate your air conditioning for much of the year. However, if you run your AC system regularly, you’ll need to replace its filter more frequently. Here are three easy ways to tell when it’s time to change your air filter:

Bad Smells

Are you noticing any foul odors that weren’t there before? It could be due to a buildup of bacteria or microbial growth in your home’s air filter. As the air blows through the filter, the system pushes that bad smell through the ducts and into your living spaces.

As soon as you notice a bad smell associated with your AC, change the filter. If the problem persists, schedule an HVAC service technician to visit your home for an AC tune-up. They can verify whether the source of the smell is coming from your AC system or another area.

Lots of Dust

Your filter’s role is to keep airborne contaminants from getting into your home’s living spaces. But a dirty filter can’t accomplish that, causing dust and other contaminants like dander to collect. You’ll see more dust on surfaces in your home. Those with sensitivities to airborne contaminants may experience allergy symptoms or find it a more difficult to breathe easily.

Replace your filter as soon as this happens. If that doesn’t fix the problem, your air ducts might be dirty and need cleaning.

Increasing Utility Bills

When your air conditioner is unable to operate efficiently, you’ll see your utility bills increase. If your energy bills are going up with no explanation, it could be due to an overworked filter in need of replacement.

Are you experiencing these signs even after replacing your air filter? Contact Gideon Heating and Air Conditioning today at (910) 447-2905 to speak with a professional about how to repair the problem.

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