4 Things That Damage Ductwork and Prevention Tips

Your HVAC system uses ducts to supply conditioned air around your Surf City, NC, home. Like everything else, the ducts may experience damage and lower the efficiency of your HVAC system. Here’s a look at some of the things that can damage your ductwork along with some prevention tips:

Damage Due to Rust

In older homes, the ducts can experience damage from rust. The rust occurs in the space between floor joists that acts as an air passage. When this happens, the system experiences severe air leaks.

As a result, the machine works harder to get to the desired temperature, and your energy bills rise. To prevent such a problem, it helps to schedule regular HVAC maintenance.

Improper Installation

HVAC experts recommend hiring qualified professionals when installing ducts. That’s because improper installation may lead to problems in the future. For example, an inexperienced service technician may fail to connect joints firmly, which leads to leaks in your ductwork and access points for rodents.

Age of the Ductwork

Although ducts have a long lifespan, they won’t last forever. Over time, wear and corrosion may begin to create holes in the ducts. The average service life of ductwork exposed to the elements, like in a crawl space or basement, is about 20 years.

However, ducts may start having problems before this time due to dust and debris. These contaminants promote wear, which damages the system and reduces their lifespan. You can prevent this by scheduling periodic duct cleaning to prevent this accumulation of particles and keeping your filters clean.

Animal Intrusion

Small animals such as insects and birds can gain access to your ductwork. This intrusion causes a range of problems that hinder proper functioning. For instance, they may reduce airflow or even die inside the ducts.

Although some animals produce sounds while crawling inside the system, others, such as ants, are hard to notice. However, you may see them entering or exiting. If you suspect an animal invasion, contact an exterminator to eliminate the pests and your local HVAC contractor to clean and fix the ducts.

For more information about our ductwork services, contact Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team can help keep your ductwork functioning as it should.

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