7 Tips to Extend Your Furnace Life Expectancy in Sneads Ferry, NC

Seasonal changes in Sneads Ferry, NC, bring about extreme temperatures that can accelerate the wear-and-tear of your appliances. While your HVAC system is built to last for decades, neglect can result in a shorter lifespan and more costs for repairs and replacements. Without regular maintenance and immediate repairs of minor issues, your furnace is likely to give out earlier than designed.

Keep Your Air Filters Clean

Your furnace’s air filters can have a direct and major impact on your HVAC system’s performance as a whole. The furnace filter is typically situated inside the blower compartment where it captures the returning air. Most furnaces also have a built-in rack, which is a massive metal compartment that houses the blower and filter. Replace filters every month.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Your furnace’s lifespan can vary based on how often it runs. A lot of factors can make your furnace run longer and work harder. If it runs at full throttle even when you’re away for work, you should consider a programmable thermostat.

Modern thermostats are designed to be more energy-efficient. These nifty devices give you full control over your heater or air conditioner and allow you to precisely set temperatures and cycle times to hit.

Invest in Support Equipment

Humidifiers or dehumidifiers, depending on the season, are a worthwhile investment that improves your indoor air quality and comfort levels by either removing from or adding moisture into the air.

Air purifiers with a HEPA filter are another good investment for your home’s indoor air quality. It removes the heavy particles in the air, including dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander and so on. This makes it easier for your furnace to condition the air passing in and out of it.

Clean Your Ducts

Ductwork breaches are responsible for a loss of up to 30% of the hot or cold air in households in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina. Similar to your filters, ducts catch a lot of the grunge and dust in the air passing through them.

Over time, these particles accumulate and create airflow obstructions. As a result, your furnace has to work harder to condition the air passing through it. Hire a professional to inspect and clean your household ducts and seal any gaps that may be letting air escape.

Insulate the Property

Adding insulation to your home helps your furnace maintain comfortable temperatures during winter or summertime. Insulate different areas of the house, including the attic, basement, attached garage and walls. Aside from professional insulation work, there are also countless ways to insulate your home cheaply, such as sealing any gaps with weatherproofing and adding thick blinds and curtains to your windows.

Schedule Furnace Tuneups

Furnaces are generally low-maintenance appliances, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with neglecting them. If you don’t get your furnace inspected, cleaned and tuned up at least once a year, it’ll come back to bite you in the form of more frequent repairs and part replacements. It’s best to schedule two tuneups annually with a trusted HVAC service technician.

Switch to Auto Fan Mode

Most furnaces have two fan modes: AUTO and ON. The former tells the fan to run only when the furnace is actively conditioning the air, while ON tells the fan to operate continuously regardless of the furnace’s current setting. A furnace on AUTO mode helps it collect dust without forcing the machine to work for too hard or for too long of a cycle.

Call Gideon Heating & Air Conditioning for all your furnace maintenance needs. In addition to furnace installation, maintenance and repairs, we offer many other essential HVAC services.

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